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Ok, so. I graduated from Law School last spring and still have not yet taken the Bar. (I know! I know!) My husband and I weren’t planning on staying in the state and I didn’t want to have to take it twice. Now, however, circumstances have changed and we are staying here (we actually just bought our first house!). Anyways. Although my job doesn’t require me to take the bar (I work in politics) I figure I might as well take it just in case. (In case of what I have no idea, but I feel like that is the most common reason)


Here is my question: I will be taking the MPRE in August (yes, I didn’t take that either) and am planning on taking the Bar in February but I will also be working full time and will get little if any time off to study, except maybe a few days right before the exam. So, should I begin studying for the Bar now, perhaps a few hours a night? Or will that just burn me out making it impossible to study right before the exam?



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